Technical Support
  • Operating Procedures of Rotary Slitting MachineryOperating Procedures of Rotary Slitting Machinery2019/04/18The operator must be trained before taking up the post and must be familiar with the operation method of different rotary slitting machinery and the performance of equipment and general maintenance me...
  • Ultrasonic Label Slitting MachineUltrasonic Label Slitting Machine2018/09/04As a kind of label slitting machine, ultrasonic label slitting machine uses the principle that ultrasonic vibration and friction produce heat energy instantaneously, so that the mold or cutter contact...
  • Features of Paper RewinderFeatures of Paper Rewinder2018/09/01Paper rewinder is a special equipment for mica tape and film. The rewinding process mainly accomplishes three tasks, the first is to remove the edge of the base paper; the second is to cut the whole b...
  • Paper Rewinder, Safety and Energy SavingPaper Rewinder, Safety and Energy Saving2018/08/29If we want to make profits, we must work safely. The paper rewinder should avoid danger in use, this is a very important link, and the main requirements are as follows: Check the electrical switch of ...

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  • Technology
    Our R&D team developed core technology and constantly  innovate technology and products to meet your needs.
  • Quality
    We treat the quality as the life of our company, we guarantee that every machine can  realizes full value from its investment.
  • Detail
    we treat every detail seriously, perfect details can let our customers operated more friendly and efficiently.
  • Flexible
    According to different application, LOYAL Company develops customized models to meet your needs.
  • Professional
    Our foreign trade clerks regularly attend specialized training, continue to learn products and expertise can solve your all question about our products for more than 10 years.
  • Sincerity
    We believe only when customers get success can LOYAL Company be developed. Thus customer's position is always our first priority, we provide the most profitable solution for you.
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