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  • Ultrasonic Label Slitting MachineUltrasonic Label Slitting Machine2018/09/04As a kind of label slitting machine, ultrasonic label slitting machine uses the principle that ultrasonic vibration and friction produce heat energy instantaneously, so that the mold or cutter contact...
  • Features of Paper RewinderFeatures of Paper Rewinder2018/09/01Paper rewinder is a special equipment for mica tape and film. The rewinding process mainly accomplishes three tasks, the first is to remove the edge of the base paper; the second is to cut the whole b...
  • Paper Rewinder, Safety and Energy SavingPaper Rewinder, Safety and Energy Saving2018/08/29If we want to make profits, we must work safely. The paper rewinder should avoid danger in use, this is a very important link, and the main requirements are as follows: Check the electrical switch of ...
  • Advantages of TTR Slitting MachineAdvantages of TTR Slitting Machine2018/08/26Slitting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that cuts wide paper or thin film into narrow strips of materials. It is often used in papermaking machinery, and printing and packaging machinery. T...

Applicable Scheme of Other engineering

In addition to metal products, printing and packaging, LOYAL 'slitting machines are also used in many other industries. From the four forms of materials: film, paper and tape.

Film: Automotive surface film, automotive electronics surface protective film such as navigation protection film and screen protection film.

General protective film, waterproof protective film, stone protective film, glass protective film, decoration of furniture protective film, coating protective film, metal protective film, plastic products protective film, wire line protective film, TV protective film, wooden door protective film, porcelain protective film, antistatic film, CPP, OPP, PE, PET, PVC, BOPP, HDPE, LDPE film and so on.

Paper: mask paper of medical industry, kraft paper, coated paper and other food industry, sticker paper, PE coating production board, PE laminated cup board, mylar, PP coated paper,

Tape: adhesive tape, sticker tape, cellopone tape, silicon tape, masking tape, gum tape, BOPP tape, BOPP gum tape, OPP tape, BOPP super clear tape, super clear tape, aluminum foil tape, copper foil tape, double sides adhesive tape and so on.

And applicable scheme of earphone, microphone, lens, windows protecion, LCD screen is fixed with rubber frame, tag, key film, LCD screen backlight lamp, double side adhesive, shock absorbing cushion material, insulation sheet, EMI shield material, etc.
Other areas of application

Applicable Scheme of Others

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