HC-1600 Automatic Slitting Rewinding Machine

Ultrasonic rectification---automatic detection and rectification---high accurate magnetic powder clutch---the unwinding and rewinding tension can be controlled---response sensitively---low noise.
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Features Machine System Specifiction

Features of HC-1600 Automatic Slitting Rewinding Machine

The type of slitting machine is professional for slitting, laminating and processing the stickers, adhesive labels, PET protective films, industrial tapes, cell phone tapes, double-sided tapes, double-sided sponge tapes, masking tapes, BOPP tapes, PVC tapes, PE foam tapes, PE, OPP, papers, optical films, etc.
It is one of the ideal machines to have the large-scale roll material slitted and processed. All kinds of tapes, electronic films, papers, labels, plastic package films, metal films, etc., are designed to achieve slitting and processing a large amount of material rolls. The roll of larger adhesive labels, can be slitted before printing, and re-processing, which can help us to save more raw materials.

This type of slitting machine have ablities of automatic detection, automatic rectification, automatic counting and automatic metering. The motor requires an acceptable power though it can unwind a considerable size. Therefore, it is very welcomed by some companies and workers who pay their attention to the efficiency and performance, and attach importance to the price and power at the same time.

It is characterized by accurately slitting, high speed slitting, ease of operation and low cost of maintenance, etc.

Like other machines in series, it can save some electricity by automatically powering off. Besides, this machine is of very high precision and easy operation features, and it is especially used in electric fields and optical industry.

We are very glad to provide our sincere and pinpoint service to you after sale each of our machine. So, you will never worry about the potential problems you might face when you use it. What’s more, we guarantee you a year of quality and long time service and technology support.

  • 1
    Air shaft
  • 2
    Web guide of ultrasonic rectification is adopted detect the rectification of rolling
  • 3
    Magnetic powder brake be used to control unwinding tension
  • 4
    Polyurethane used in rubber covered roller make it more wearproof
  • 5
    Aluminum rod after Hardness oxide (protection materials and scratch-proof)
  • 6
    Cylinder provide the power to the movement of rubber covered roller
  • 7
    Variable frequency motor is used
  • 1
    Shear cutter system (sharp, flexible and slitting efficiently)
  • 2
    Automatic countering or metering
  • 1
    Air shaft
  • 2
    Magnetic powder clutch is adopted to control the tension

Specifiction HC-1600 Automatic Slitting Rewinding Machine

Optional:PLC, Touch screen, Rewind web clamping, Splicing table, Laser core position, Slip shaft, Automatic loading system, Hydraulic lift up

Technical parameter:



Max.  Unwinding width


Main motor power






Unwinding roller diameter


Rewinding roller diameter 


Machine weight


Machine overall dimension


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