HCH2-650 High Speed Slitting Machine with Friction Shaft

Use the high speed slitting machine is applicable to PE, PP, PET, PVC, and other plastic films, paper, composite film, the aluminum film, color film. It is the ideal model of the film.
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HCH2-650 High Speed Slitting Machine with Slip Shaft
This type high-speed machine can rewind more smoothly. Slip shaft used in unwinding. Realize better tension control.
Technical Support
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Features Machine System Specifiction

Features of HCH2-650 High Speed Slitting Machine with Friction Shaft

This type of high speed slitting machine is very convenient for processing machine with high demand of speed and precision, such as high-grade packaging, tapes, protective films. It is widely used in electronics industry, medicine, packaging and printing.

It is applicable to PE, PP, PET, PVC and other plastic films paper, composite film, composite films, aluminum films, color films, aluminum films, all kinds of adhesive tapes and labels. It is also absolutely professional for slitting short raw material of tapes, such as electronic films, plastic package films, metal films, etc.

Compared to the last generation of slitting machines (HCH1 series), this series of slitting machine have slip shaft involved, which effectively steady the slitted materials at the rewinding part. We have equipped 2 slip shafts on each machine, so that rewinding different kinds of materials on one machine at the same time becomes possible. According to the diameter of materials you want to process, you can inflate or deflate the slip shafts to fit the rewind rolls.

And as the result of the use of friction shafts, we can get a nice rewind roll with smooth surface and appropriate tightness. Besides, it solves the problems of air shafts perfectly. For instance, rewind rolls made by air shafts don’t have so smooth surface and acceptable tightness while friction shafts can make it.

So, as you can see, the product positioning that it is supposed , is more higher than the previous generation as it can wonderfully protect the slitted and processed materials.

Trimmed waste
  • 1
    PLC for all machine functions and controls
    Touch screen digital operator panel. Modem for remote monitoring.
  • 1
    Automatic loading system & Hydraulic lift up
  • 1
    Ultrasonic rectification & Cylinder system for left or right movement while slitting
  • 1
    the material of rubber covered roller use polyurethane (wearproof)
  • 2
    Aluminum rod after Hardness oxide (protection materials and scratch-proof)
  • 3
    The movement of rubber covered roller is controlled by the cylinder
  • 4
    Servo motor and Main machine is of variable-frequency drive
  • 5
    Synchronous belt
  • 1
    Shear cutter system (sharp, flexibleand slitting efficiently)
  • 2
    Automatic metering
  • 1
    Slip shaft
  • 2
    Electronic proportional valve is adopted to control the tension
    Dual rewind sations
  • 1
    Dual unload stations and automatic unloading
  • 1

    Equipped with blower and expulsion tube

Specifiction HCH2-650 High Speed Slitting Machine with Friction Shaft

Optional: Rewind web clamping, Splicing table, Laser core position, Automatic loading system, Hydraulic lift up, Dual rewind sations, Dual unload station

Technical parameter:



Max.  Unwinding width


Total power






Unwinding roller diameter


Rewinding roller diameter 


Machine weight


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