JB-320 Computer Adhesive Label Inspection and Slitting Machine

The machine is suitable for sticking labels of quality inspection.Characteristic: With automatic counting, convenient Taiwan imported electrical, electronic frequency control.
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Features of JB-320 Computer Adhesive Label Inspection and Slitting Machine

The machine is suitable for sticking labels of quality inspection.

Computer Adhesive Label Inspection is a companion product of trademark die-cutting machine, which is an indispensable machine in the process of trademark production and processing. In the process of trademark production, processing, and die-cutting machine cutting, because die-cutting machine’s die-cutting effect is not very well such as pressure instability caused by no pressure out of the trademark, as well as the material itself such as glue problems, The process of discarding the waste of the machine.

So that the final product produced by the trademark is not complete if there is no computer adhesive label inspection do not know the number of missing labels is not conducive to measuring the value of the product.

Even if the die-cutting process is not a problem, but also need to test the number of trademarks to identify the number of trademarks to facilitate manufacturers to estimate the quality of products and calculate the price of the product.

Computer Adhesive Label Inspection has the characteristics of simple operation, easy maintenance and no error. It is the product of the finished product quality inspection equipment. The finished product is generally small, so its unwinding and rewinding width is very small and the volume is very small. But also has a small size and small footprint and can play a huge role in the characteristics.

Computer Adhesive Label Inspection There are few buttons on the operating platform that require adjustment and testing. The structure of the machine is very simple, if the failure of the general operation of the operator can complete their own repair and replacement parts. The requirements of the operator is very low, with simple operation and easy maintenance features.

In short, the computer adhesive label inspection is based on the rewinder with the trademark inspection device on the machine. The number of trademarks in the rewinding process.

Specifiction JB-320 Computer Adhesive Label Inspection and Slitting Machine

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