LY-PS60 High Speed Paper Straw Making Machine

UseMaking paper straw for drinks, coffee and so on.Characteristic Machine with high speed feature.Included paper reel stand, stainless steel glue unit, 6-blades cutting system. Servo motor driving, o...
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Features Specifiction

Features of LY-PS60 High Speed Paper Straw Making Machine

Making paper straw for drinks, coffee and so on.

1. 6 rolls material loading with protective cover, prevent material breakdown, machine running steady. Combined with the principles of artificial science, the right height design is more humane.
2. Gluing method: middle paper double-sided glue + surface paper glue instead of bottom paper gule in the market, to solve the problem that surface paper weak adhesion to glue.
3. The oil circulation system instead of the oil dripping system, the oil stick uniformly, guarantees the quality of the paper stability. Replaces the oil dripping system, can effectively prevent the oil dripping on the machine, omits the cleaning process and the oil dripping link, guarantees the workshop tidiness.
4. Two way cutting system cover to prevent dust accumulation, ensure paper straw hygiene.
5. Full-automatic operating system, to achieve all the operation on the touch screen. Integral machine system, no need adjusting the angle, automatic adjustment, flexible and convenient operation. Workers without foundation can also operate perfectly. To solve the problem that the separate machine system needs to adjust the angle and the belt tightening constantly on the market, and solve the problem that the rod can not work in the not precise position.
6. Integral machine system instead of separate machine system, makes the running more smoothly under high-speed operation, and effectively solves the troubles of increasing the speed of the separate machine system which needs manual adjustment frequently.
7. Servo motor control machine speed and cutting speed, effectively keep the machine speed and cutting speed consistent, solve AC and servo motor speed inconsistency, glue on the straw is not tight and cutting inaccurate problems.
8. Inverter use Yaskawa,cutting accurately.
9. 6 blades cutting, high speed of 40-50m/min, high productivity.
10. Equipped with blade protective cover to ensure safe operation.

Specifiction LY-PS60 High Speed Paper Straw Making Machine

 Machine model


 Paper layer

3-4   layers

 Inner diameter




 Wall thickness


 Machine speed

40-50 meters/min

 Cutting mode

Multi-blades (6 pcs)

 Cutting system

Servo motor synchronism tracking cut

 Paper loading station

6 rolls loading

 Gluing way

Single/Double sides

 Machine & Parts

Stainless steel (machine body)

 Straw collector


 Lubricating oil

Oil circulation system


1-2 person

 Speed control

By inverter

 Power supply


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