MQ-320 470B Automatic Electronic Die Cutting Machine

This die cutting machine is ideal for electronic protective film. It has high precision and high sensitivity.
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Features Specifiction

Features of MQ-320 470B Automatic Electronic Die Cutting Machine

This product is mainly for the electronics industry such as electronic protective film, PVC, film, Mylar, copper foil, aluminum foil, foam and other electronics materials forming die-developed products.

The B-type cutting machine is my company in the A-type cutting machine based on the development of products. The whole body casting, machine pressure strong, smooth, strong and durable. Containing oil gearbox, the machine operation to reduce wear and prolong life, improve the utilization of the machine.

Digital communication; holographic aluminum foil surface tension control; hot stamping holographic machinery (Figure), the use of optical fiber sensors to detect the cursor, precise positioning; digital servo; holographic aluminum foil surface tension control; hot stamping holographic machinery Precision manufacturing technology will continue to use. In addition to die-cutting, but also required to bronzing and automatic waste.

Working principle and maintenance:

The working principle of the electronic die-cutting machine and the same as the trademark die-cutting machine, are through the imprint to impose a certain pressure, the printed material into a certain shape. With the die cutter according to the product design requirements of the combination of patterns into a die-cutting version, under pressure, the printed matter or other materials will be rolled into the required shape or cut the forming process. Indentation process is the use of crimping knife or crimping die, through the role of pressure in the sheet on the out of the wire marks, or the use of roller wheel in a predetermined position on the plate bending forming. Usually, die-cutting indentation process is to die-cutter and crimping knife in the same template, in the die-cutting machine at the same time die-cutting and indentation process.

In the actual production, die-cutting cartons will produce a lot of waste paper side, paper hair, a little attention will enter the chain drive parts, die-cutting mobile platform, and some rotating parts, and may block the photoelectric detection head, Causing failure. Therefore, we must die cutting machine body cleaning work in the first place and then can ensure that the machine trouble-free operation.

Second, the die-cutting machine oil change. Die cutting machine main action is the main motor drive slider, pulley, and then drive four elbows to move, its high-speed work to reach 6000 per hour if no good lubrication and cooling is very troublesome.

Specifiction MQ-320 470B Automatic Electronic Die Cutting Machine

Technical parameter:




The maximum feed width



Die area

300*300 mm^2

400*450 mm^2

Cutting speed



Positioning accuracy



Host power 



Total power 









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