How does the Adhesive Slitter Rewinder Machine Save Working Time? How does the Adhesive Slitter Rewinder Machine Save Working Time?

The adhesive slitter rewinder machine consists of a rack, a raw material mechanism including air expansion shaft uncoil, rectifying mechanism, regulating wheel and oil pressure material handling device, cutting device, receiving cloth and winding shaft. The feature is that it includes the coiling device and the coiling wheel device. The rolling arm device of the product includes one end connected with the coiling shaft, the other end is fixed on the frame of the rolling arm, the telescopic arm is connected with the coil arm and the other end is fixed to the single ear cylinder on the rack. The products winding roller device including winding roller, one end connected to the winding roller, the other end fixed on the frame of winding roller swing arm, telescopic arm are connected to the winding roller swing arm at the other end fixed on the frame of single cylinder. The take-up roller is in contact with the material surface of the take-up shaft.

The cutting machine can save the working time by using the swing arm pressure wheel device, cutting the cutting knife with the cutting knife, and putting the arm type winding to more convenient product. RuiAn LiangYe machinery manufacturing co., LTD. is a company of private enterprises and specializing in the production and independent research and development of high precision die-cutting machine, slitter rewinder machine, cut machine, laminating machine (Roll Laminator), and other machinery and equipment manufacturing. The company has excellent manufacturing equipment, strong technical force, perfect quality management and after-sales service. The company takes the product quality as the basis, the user benefit first, and wins the trust and the praise of the majority of users, the product is sold at home and abroad.
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