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  • Control Technology of Automatic Rewind MachineControl Technology of Automatic Rewind Machine2019/06/13As the last working procedure of paper industry, the automatic rewind machine is the fastest running mechanical equipment in paper machinery. Its speed can reach 1500-1800 m/min, or even up to 3000 m/...
  • Basic Knowledge and Development of Automatic SlitterBasic Knowledge and Development of Automatic Slitter2019/06/06In the modern packaging industry, automatic slitter is an important equipment which is often used before and after printing. The main raw materials such as paper, plastic film and so on are sliced bef...
  • Operational Specification for High Speed Slitting MachineOperational Specification for High Speed Slitting Machine2019/05/30Pay attention to safety when feeding into high speed slitting machine. Push the material to the right position to inflate, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the material can not be reverse...
  • On-off Process of Rewind MachineOn-off Process of Rewind Machine2019/05/23I. Start-up process1. Turn on the general power supply of rewind machine and the power supply of detection system in turn. Note: (1) Before turning on the power supply, make sure that the circuit is c...

The PVC Slitter Rewinder Machine can Reduce Labor Intensity The PVC Slitter Rewinder Machine can Reduce Labor Intensity

The PVC slitter rewinder machine includes feeding mechanism, slitting execution mechanism, material receiving mechanism, driving motor, drive shaft, transmission mechanism, frame and control cabinet. The feeding mechanism, the slitting and actuating mechanism and the material receiving mechanism are arranged on the frame, the drive motor of the product is mounted on a side border of the rack, The drive mechanism of the product is mounted on the other side of the frame. The drive motor is connected by transmission shaft and transmission mechanism, the transmission mechanism transfers the power to the feeding mechanism, the slitting actuating mechanism and the receiving mechanism. What makes it special is that the division of the product has a set of straight knives and a set of disc cutting knives, the product's straight cutting knife and disc cutter spacing arrangement, the straight knife is fixed on the frame's beam, and the disc cutter is mounted on the top of the frame by the drive cylinder. The PVC slitter rewinder machine can complete the forming of PVC diaphragm and wavy lace, it reduces the labor intensity of the operator and improves the working efficiency.

RuiAn LiangYe Machinery Co., LTD. is a company of private enterprises and focuses on the production and independent research and development of high precision die-cutting machine, slitter rewinder machine, cut machine, laminating machine (Roll Laminator), and other machinery and equipment manufacturing. The company has excellent manufacturing equipment, strong technical force, perfect quality management and good after-sales service. The company takes the product quality as the basis, the user benefit first, and wins the trust and the praise of the majority of users, the product is sold at home and abroad.

The company uses advanced technology from abroad, after more than ten years reform and innovation, we develop all kinds of models and make all kinds of high difficulty multi-purpose models. It is not only the products but also the service and professional technology that the company brings to the users. In the competitive market, we always adhere to "quality first, customer first" as the business purpose, and we provide better and better service for domestic and foreign customers. So that customers and we open a win-win situation together.

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