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The Application and Characteristics of the Adhesive Slitter Rewinder Machine The Application and Characteristics of the Adhesive Slitter Rewinder Machine

The adhesive slitter rewinder machine adopts uncoil hydraulic pressure, and the magnetic powder brake controls its tension, the independent tail frame supporting imported EPC for automatic rectifying. It has high accuracy, good positioning performance, error plus or minus 0.1 mm. It uses the upper and the lower round knife to cut. 3 inch, 1.5-inch tile type coiling inflatable shaft for customer selection. It automatically counts and blows automatically. The tension can be added with tension automatic control system according to customer's requirement. The swing winding shaft is the convenient and quick operation, it improves production efficiency while reducing labor intensity.

1. The adhesive slitter rewinder machine is a vertical dividing machine.

2. Independent total control screen, operation is more flexible and convenient.

3. It is suitable for tracking the edges and colors of transparent materials.

4. Unwinding adopts inflatable shaft, automatic tension control, magnetic powder brake material.

5. The adhesive slitter rewinder machine adopts double camshaft and magnetic powder clutch.

6. Automatic suction device for the waste side.

7. The feed length is automatically measured.

It is a complete product of automatic drum trademark printing machine and drum die cutting machine, this machine is suitable for narrow strip cutting. It has the advantages of the variable frequency speed regulation, automatic meter number, number of sheets, set length, alarm, automatic parking, put the volume is controlled by photoelectric automatic correction, inflatable shaft receiving, tension control, meter number choose advanced electric eye, the machine has compact structure, high speed and accurate cut, simple operation, stable operation, etc.

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