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How are Longitudinal Stripes Caused in the Slitting Process? How are Longitudinal Stripes Caused in the Slitting Process?

The slitting process is a very critical in the production of plastic film, composite packaging, printing and other industries. The slitting process is generally the last step before packaging, and the quality of slitting will directly affect the quality of the product. Longitudinal stripes often appear on the surface of the protective film rolls while slitting rewinding. What are Reasons for this phenomenon?

During the slitting/rewinding process, a large amount of air is trapped and the cumulative thickness tolerance is not good, which is the main causes of the occurrence of longitudinal stripes. Once serious stripes appear, it is difficult to eliminate them. Another reason is that the slitting speed is too fast. Longitudinal stripes and cross-layer quality problems are most likely to occur at high speeds.

For equipment that requires high operating accuracy, after a long period of continuous use, the operating accuracy of some parts has declined. For large high speed slitting machine, it is more difficult to ensure the running accuracy due to the larger running parts. And because the plastic film is a polymer product, and its thickness is very thin. It is more likely to be damaged during processing. Therefore, once the running accuracy is not enough, it is easy to produce quality problems such as longitudinal stripes. For this reason, you should be cautious when replacing equipment parts and accessories. It is advisable to choose durable and high-precision parts, and you must also ensure a certain degree of precision during installation, otherwise it will be difficult to meet the operating needs of the slitting machine.

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