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Why are product labels so important? Why are product labels so important?

Customers don't just blindly choose any product in the market. It’s shown on the research that people consume with their eyes first. Whether it is for food, automobile or health care products, having a distinctive label is the first impression of products for consumers. For many brands, the label can be one of the most recognizable features for the products packaging. Product labels serve many purposes.

Labels help customers know contents and ingredients of the products. Product stickers or labels provide detailed information for consumers who may have health restrictions or other concerns. Listing sugar, sodium, gluten, and other ingredients allows consumers to immediately identify if a food is interfering with their health in any way.

Other information labels can be used as a guide to the correct use of the product. For example, the dosage for the appropriate weight or age, how often the product should be consumed and even whether it needs to be shaken before opening. Labels also communicate potential hazards, risks or interactions. Printing such instructions on the label can help consumers better understand the maximum effectiveness of the product.

Brand identity is closely connected with labels, and a good brand identity can immediately grab the attention of customers. People become brand loyal and often connect what they see with what they will buy. For example, they might not remember the name of the product or its exact ingredients, but will know that it has a green label with a red star, or that it has a large blue rectangle with yellow letters. In fact, research shows that color on labels increases brand recognition by 80%.

Today's customers have many choices. For any product to have a chance in the market, it has to stand out on the shelf. A label with the right color, shape and font can make a product pop and not go unnoticed. In addition to being attractive, informative labels can also grab the attention of consumers. For example, with the surge of interest in sustainable development, brands can use labels to educate customers about their environmental efforts.

The Research shows that 60% of shoppers are less likely to purchase a product when the label does not provide enough information. That's why we believe every great product should have a great label.

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