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The Factors That Affect the Efficiency of PVC Slitter Rewinder Machine The Factors That Affect the Efficiency of PVC Slitter Rewinder Machine

The previous PVC slitter rewinder machine always uses magnetic powder clutch to control tension, but the speed of magnetic powder clutch can't be too high, or it will cause high-speed friction of magnetic powder when people operate it, then it will produce high temperature and shorten lifespan, especially in serious circumstances, it will lock and stop the operation. With the development of science and technology and the application of servo drive technology, most of them chose the vector frequency inverter to control the tension  system of PVCslitter rewinder machine and tested automatically by using swing roll, it has intuitive human-computer interface, so the tension system will be more stable and reliable, at the same time it will operate easily.

With the improvement of the automated soft package, some consumer manufacturers pay more attention to reducing pollution and inefficiency in middle step, some manufacturers change the process flows gradually, manual packing will be replaced by more automated automatic packaging line. With the increasing demand for coiled material, PVC slitter rewinder machine is more and more important and the demand for the efficiency ofPVCslitter rewinder machine is higher.

The stabletension system is an important index for ensuring the quality of products in slitting process, it controls the mutual tension between unwinding, traction, slitting and rolling, so that it keeps slitting material in steady state in slitting process. If tension can be controlled properly, raw material can avoid deformation and shift in the process of raising speed and reducing speed. In general, the tension of unwinding is greater than the sum of rolling and unwinding.
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