Use of HC-C650/1300/1600B Surface Coil Slitting Machine
This machine is suitable for the slitting of straw paper, aluminum foil, copper semiconductor, PET CCL, BOPP, PET, CPP, PE, PVC, film, paper, etc.

Characteristic of HC-C650/1300/1600B Surface Coil Slitting Machine
-Servo motor control, automatic taper tension, the center surface coiling method;
-Frequency control, to maintain smooth operation in the acceleration;
-Automatic meter, alarm and other functions;
-Rewinding using A, B inflatable shaft structure, back-style rewinding, loading and unloading easy operation;
-Unwinding using optical edge correction method;
-round knife (film using flat knife structure) slitting waste automatic discharge device;
-pneumatic automatic shaft / hydraulic automatic shaft-free structure (customers choose their own configuration).