4 Colors Hamburger Paper Sandwich Paper Printing Sheeting Machine

Use:It is suitable for printing paper, paper board, high-grade self-adhesive label and so on.Characteristic:1. Multicolor printing is used for web printing presses, by changing the transmission route ...
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This 4 colors flexo label printing machine is suitable for printing paper, paperboard, high-grade self-adhesive label and so on. It is an auxiliary equipment of multi-color printing machine. At first glazing, it can increase the brightness of the product and the storage time of the product color. This printing machine can improve the quality of products and adopt the import stepless regulation of frequency conversion.
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Features Specifiction

Features of 4 Colors Hamburger Paper Sandwich Paper Printing Sheeting Machine


It is suitable for printing paper, paper board, high-grade self-adhesive label and so on.


1. Multicolor printing is used for web printing presses, by changing the transmission route of the substrate, or by turning the roller to achieve double-sided printing.

2. It can be a sheet of paper, cardboard, corrugated paper and other hard materials. It can also be a roll form, such as adhesive paper and newspaper. The viscosity of the printed material must be accurately measured with a viscosity cup.

3. Strong processing ability, the printing unit and processing function can be flexibly configured according to the needs of users.
The unit type flexographic printing machine is easy to install auxiliary equipment, and can be used for auxiliary joint processing, such as glazing and die cutting. It is easy to operate and maintain, with good performance, and can be used to measure tension.

4. It is suitable for short printing and printing press. It has many advantages, such as many stations, one machine and many uses. It has superiority for such special printing products as less batch, more urgent delivery and more work stations.

5. The high speed multicolor printing parts are standardized, the parts are general and the product serialization is higher, and the design has the advanced nature such as automatic control system like attached tension, edge, and set.

6. The distance between the printers of the flexographic printing machine is smaller, so that the multi-color overprint can be used. So this machine can be used to print the high accuracy of the trademark, packaging box and other small print, for the less scalable printing materials, and the printing effect is also better.

7. Machine with slitting and cutting function.

8. Machine with automatic metering and paper stacking function.

The printing part is the core of flexographic printing press, which uses the ink-ink system. There are two rollers, even a roll-roller with the ink blade, which can realize the printing ink from ink to the plate surface evenly and quantitatively.

The ink roller is used for ink roll by ink roller, and ink roller is used to transfer the ink to the roller. With the matching of blade, the flexographic printing press can adapt to various viscosity inks, and obtain better printing quality under higher factors. When the speed of printing increases, while the anilox roll on the surface of the dynamic pressure increases, but the scraping blade pressure on the surface of anilox roll, thus losing the ink system of ink has nothing to do with the printing ink of the dynamic pressure, and it is almost not affected by the viscosity. Anilox roller transferring ink is mainly depends on its ink storage system (anilox roll ink cavity volume) and the anilox roller and plate separate distance with the surface of the ink, the ink to system running speed has nothing to do. The ink-jet system can maintain the constant volume of ink at various speeds. So flexographic printing presses are capable of high speed printing and high precision color dot printing.

The roller is the transferring roller of flexographic printing press. The surface system has sunken inks or mesh grooves for printing control of ink transferring. The use of the rollers not only simplifies the structure of the ink system, but also can control the thickness of the ink layer and provides an important guarantee for improving the quality of printing.

Specifiction 4 Colors Hamburger Paper Sandwich Paper Printing Sheeting Machine


Machine model




Paper range




Printing speed




Printing color

4 colors

4 colors


Max. Web width




Max. Unwinding diameter




Printing girth




Total motor power








Air pressure 




Precision of registration



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