1: Can it rewind on 6 inches core friction shaft?

  Yes, it can.

2: What is the min width for the unwind roll


3: Is this machine with automatic unload?

Yes. Exactly.

4: Auto push included?


5: What kind of container need for delivery?

40 feet container.


6: How about the machine installation and operation when. Machine delivery to our factory?

Machine as usual is integrated and we do not dismantle before delivery.

So just connect the power cable and air pipe is ok.

For the operation, we take instruction video for all customers before delivery to guide you how to operate, and provide the instruction file.

Also, we provide service: our engineer and technician open live training until you learned it and run it well.

7: How about the guarantee?

Ø 12 months guarantee, life-long time technic maintenance and support. 24 hours feedback when receive the client writing militance proposal.

Ø Any part damage caused by non-human factors within the warranty period can be replaced for free, excluding machine consumable parts. Maintenance of part damage caused by violation operation or mis-operation of operators will be charged with costs of parts.

Ø The price of spare parts exceeding the warranty period shall be the lowest ex-factory price of the seller.

Ø For extra accessories beyond the standard configuration of contractual machine, the price shall be the lowest ex-factory price of the seller.

Any time you have question about slitter, we are always here to provide service.