Application of Industrial Paper Roll Guillotine:
This plastic film wrapping machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of paper, self-adhesive, paper-aluminium composite, film, OPP, PVC, pearl film, film composite, color printing composite, non-woven fabric and other large-scale packaging materials. It is widely used for Hamburg paper, sandwich paper, food packaging paper cutting, etc.

Characteristic of Industrial Paper Roll Guillotine:
  • PANASONIC PLC control, servo motor to control fixed length cutting;
  • The transmission system adopts centralized control such as pneumatic and photoelectric sensors;
  • This machine integrates light, electricity and gas, easy to operate, high cutting precision, mechanical stability, and low noise.(Pneumatic feeding is optional);
  • Motor frequency control, automatic counting, alarm stop, automatic adjustment of magnetic powder taper tension function.
  • It is currently the ideal plastic film wrapping machine for cutting large-scale coils with high quality in China.