HCH1-1300 High Speed Slitting Machine with PLC

PLC and Touch Screen on Human Machine Interface---high-resolution colors---long life service---operator convenient Synchronous belt---fast transmission speed, fast slitting speed can be realized.
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HCH1-1300 High Speed Slitting Machine with PLC
This high-speed slitting machine is suited for the high demand of tape, paper, film, and packaging. It is controlled by PLC, realize high precision material slitting.
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Features of HCH1-1300 High Speed Slitting Machine with PLC

This type high speed slitting machine is the ideal processing machine for the high demand of speed and precision.

It is applicable to the material of within 1300 width, PE, PP, PET, PVC and other plastic films,  release film, paper, coated paper, kraft paper, automobile protective film, composite film, the aluminum film, color film, all kinds of adhesive tape and label.

It is the ideal model of film, thin film processing, and color printing company especially electronic products and up-market boutique packaging products.

This roller material slitting machine is a high speed, high precision equipment.It plus PLC based on standard features. Tension calculated by PLC achieve automatic tension control. Conicity tension control, make material slitting more smooth and let product slitting effect better.

The PLC makes all components fit together and allows all components to be operated on the touchscreen. Operation at a glance, to achieve intelligent operation. But also to reduce the probability of error and timely find the cause of the error, make timely replacement of the wrong parts, so that the machine can be more efficient recovery operations. Flexible operation, more convenient operation, greater improvement of user experience and product efficiency.

Touchscreen greatly improves the user's operating experience, rich colors, and high resolution so that users weaken the work of the boring work, increase efficiency while enhancing the work of the workers' love.

On the speed of this slitting machine, HCH1-1300 high-speed slitting machine speed can reach 200m / min. The material allows the case, you can speed up another. Efficient has been the pursuit of LOYAL, without reducing the quality of products in the case, for customers to maximize the production efficiency.

This high-speed slitting machine body with steel and iron plate casting, body than the ordinary machine body thick, to ensure a smooth operation at a higher speed. Improve product life, to achieve greater customer value of the product.
Automatic metering counter
Rewinding tension control
  • 1
    Touch screen on Human machine interface (HMI)
    High-resolution colors, long life service, and operator convenience.
  • 1
    Air shaft, Cylinder automatic unloading(optional)
  • 2
    EPC of ultrasonic rectification
  • 3
    Magnetic powder brake and PLC are adopted to control the tension
  • 1
    Polyurethane used in rubber covered roller make it more wearproof
  • 2
    Aluminum rod after Hardness oxide (protection materials and scratch-proof)
  • 3
    Cylinder provide the power to the movement of rubber covered roller
  • 4
    Servo motor and Main machine is of variable-frequency drive
  • 5
    Synchronous belt
  • 1
    Shear cutter system (sharp, flexibleand slitting efficiently)
  • 1
  • 1
    Magnetic powder clutch and PLC

Specifiction HCH1-1300 High Speed Slitting Machine with PLC

Optional:Cylinder automatic unloading, Rewind web clamping, Splicing table, Laser core position, Slip shaft, Automatic loading system, Dual rewind sations, Dual unload station

Technical parameter:



Max.  Unwinding width


Total power






Unwinding roller diameter


Rewinding roller diameter 


Machine weight


Machine overall dimension


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