HCH1-1700 High Speed Slitting Machine with PLC

PLC and Touch Screen on Human Machine Interface---high-resolution colors---long life service---operator convenient Synchronous belt---fast transmission speed, fast slitting speed can be realized.
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HCH1-1700 High Speed Slitting Machine with PLC
This high-speed slitting machine is widely used in all kinds of large width material. It is the ideal slitting machine of mass production.
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Features of HCH1-1700 High Speed Slitting Machine with PLC

We have designed this type of machine to help users slit a larger width of adhesive tapes and labels, with wonderful precision and high demand of speed in process of slitting larger and heavier raw materials. We would like to recommend you to slit your raw materials first if its width is as large as 1700mm before your printing.

Obviously, it is applicable to many many kinds of plastic films, including PE, PP, PET, PVC, and other kinds, so if you are processing or about to process something related to this materials, like the protective films of screens. Besides, it is also available for paper, composite films, aluminum films, color films and all kinds of adhesive tapes and labels.

It is highly thought of a greatly ideal machine for slitting and processing various kinds of films that we’ve mentioned above. And because it can be useful in such a large width of raw materials, it is not impossible for you to try something like the packaging of boutique products in luxury market. And we have been always designing machines that can be used in electronic and optical fields.

This type of slitting machine is one of the most efficient and precise slitting machines in the world. We added PLC module into this series of machine, which helps us to calculate the tension of unwinding and rewind part. It enhances the precision and efficiency in a great amount of level. So you can slit some materials with the high demand of speed and accuracy. We’ve upgraded this series of machines by PLC module, and each of machines is equipped with a touchscreen, so you can easily interact with machines by your fingers via the touch panel.

The highest rated width of this type of slitting machine’s is 1700 millimeters, which is applicable to some raw materials with very large size.
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Automatic metering
  • 1
    Touch screen on Human machine interface (HMI)
  • 1
    Air shaft
  • 2
    Magnetic powder brake and PLC are adopted to control the tension
  • 1
    the material of rubber covered roller use polyurethane (wearproof)
  • 2
    Aluminum rod after Hardness oxide (protection materials and scratch-proof)
  • 3
    The movement of rubber covered roller is controlled by the cylinder
  • 4
    Servo motor and Main machine is of variable-frequency drive
  • 5
    Synchronous belt
  • 1
    Ultrasonic rectification
    Whole unwind stand can move horizontally, left and right. It can ensure the accuracy of slitting position.
  • 1
    Shear cutter system (sharp, flexibleand slitting efficiently)
  • 1
  • 1
    Magnetic powder clutch & Rewinding tension be controlled by PLC automatic add and subtract

Specifiction HCH1-1700 High Speed Slitting Machine with PLC

Optional: Rewind web clamping, Splicing table, Laser core position, Slip shaft, Automatic loading system, Hydraulic lift up, Dual rewind sations, Dual unload station

Technical parameter:



Max.  Unwinding width


Total power






Unwinding roller diameter


Rewinding roller diameter 


Machine weight


Machine overall dimension


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