HCH3-1300 Slitting Machine with Automatic Unloading

This slitter is ideal for all types of high demand for speed and precision, especially electronic and optical film.
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HCH3-1300 High Speed Slitting Machine with Shaftless Unwinding
This machine is the new design to meet clients high speed and precision inquiry. With PLC, slip shaft, shaftless and automatic loading.
Technical Support
  • Control Technology of Automatic Rewind MachineControl Technology of Automatic Rewind Machine2019/06/13As the last working procedure of paper industry, the automatic rewind machine is the fastest running mechanical equipment in paper machinery. Its speed can reach 1500-1800 m/min, or even up to 3000 m/...
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  • Operational Specification for High Speed Slitting MachineOperational Specification for High Speed Slitting Machine2019/05/30Pay attention to safety when feeding into high speed slitting machine. Push the material to the right position to inflate, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the material can not be reverse...
  • On-off Process of Rewind MachineOn-off Process of Rewind Machine2019/05/23I. Start-up process1. Turn on the general power supply of rewind machine and the power supply of detection system in turn. Note: (1) Before turning on the power supply, make sure that the circuit is c...
Features Specifiction

Features of HCH3-1300 Slitting Machine with Automatic Unloading

This high-speed slitting machine is high precision and high sensitivity. It has the highest configuration, saving time and effort. Not only achieve high-quality products but also to achieve large-scale production.

It is the ideal model of up-market boutique packaging products, electronic products, film, thin film processing and color printing company


This roller slitting machine plus a motor based on HCH2-1300 high speed slitting machine, which can better control the rewinding.Double shaft cantilever structure with independent drive adopted can release of the labor force, save time and effort.Hydraulic lifting shaftless loading to achieve automatic feeding, which can solve the problem of tube deformation, improve efficiency greatly. Slitting faster and more accurately.

The function and working principle of shaftless unwinding chuck are as follows:

In the process of large diameter and large width material feeding, the raw material volume and weight are very large. If you use the airshaft feeding, a certain size of the air shaft may not be able to bear the weight of the material, resulting in airshaft bending and core deformation. that influence the products affectedof after slitting, resulting in the waste of materials.

The tension of the unwinding material is controlled by the pneumatic brake, the pneumatic brake is the use of air pressure to make the movement of mechanical parts to stop or slow down the mechanical parts. The pneumatic brake is more accurate than magnetic powder clutch, better control of unwinding tension.

During the feeding process, the operator can put the material on the cart. Pushed to the front of the machine, the feeding frame down, after the installation of the material up the material rack up. Large volume and weight of the material in the handling process is likely to cause injury, the use of the shaftless automatic feeding system can greatly saving labor, saving time. Safe and convenient operation.

Finished product automatic pushing system, realized automatic unloading.

Specifiction HCH3-1300 Slitting Machine with Automatic Unloading

Optional: Rewind web clamping, Splicing table, Laser core position

automatic unloading label slitting rewinding machine

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