HCH3-1300B Slitting Machine with Automatic Unloading

This type high speed slitting machine is the most suitable machine for high speed and precision demand of the jumbo roller material slitting and rewinding, such as :Paper, self adhesive paper , sticker, cardboard, electric screen protective film, PET film
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Individual shaft-less loading, automatic unloading, overhead material path, double "S" structure, semi-auto blade set, 3 sets 11kw servo motors driven, etc.
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Features Machine System Specifiction

Features of HCH3-1300B Slitting Machine with Automatic Unloading

This machine is with special design, satisfying the demands of jumbo roll, high speed and huge loading weight. Can be equipped with high quality adhesive label and paper, etc. material slitting and rewinding.


· Automatic unloading device, increase productivity and ensure production safety.
· Automatic shaft-less loading for the jumbo roll.
· Machine driven by 3 sets 11kw servo motors, big power, high precision.
· Double “S” material path to avoid the gum leaking.
· Overhead material path to prevent the gum dripping.
· Machine body processing by CNC, ensure the whole machine precision and stability.
· Solve the problem of the snake shape of the finished product surface.
· Double-bead duplex friction shaft adopted.
· Waste suction device.
· Finished product automatic unloading (option)

Unwinding section
Traction section
Slitting section
Rewinding section
Unloading section
  • 1
    Shaft-less unwinding chuck with hydraulic cylinder
  • 2
    Pneumatic powder brake
  • 3
    Web guiding

    Ultrasonic correction,
    hydraulic system for the left/right movement driven by servo motor
  • 1

    Splicer table

  • 1

    Slitting knife

  • 2

    Safety cover

  • 3

    Knife cleaning drive

  • 1

    Friction shaft

  • 2
    Lay on roll
    -running lay on roll and stopping lay on roll
  • 1

    Automatic pushing

  • 2

    Automatic unloading

    Rotary twin fork unloading

    1.Ideal for large diameter heavy rolls
    2.Release of the labor force     
    3.unloading rolls safety

Specifiction HCH3-1300B Slitting Machine with Automatic Unloading

Technical Parameter

Machine model HCH3-1300B HCH3-1700B HCH3-2000B
Unwinding width 1300mm 1700mm 2000mm
Machine speed 300m/min 300m/min 300m/min
Slitting precision ±0.03mm ±0.03mm
Unwinding diameter Φ1200mm Φ1200mm Φ1200mm
Rewinding diameter Φ600mm
Main motor power 11kw 11kw 11kw
Rewinding motor power 2×11kw 2×11kw
Installation dimension 3980×4600×2250mm 3980×5000×2250mm
Machine weight 6000kg 7000kg 9000kg

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