Surgical Medical Face Mask Making Machine

Use:Face mask production line is a set of fully automatic production equipment for disposable face masks.
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Features Specifiction

Features of Surgical Medical Face Mask Making Machine

Use of Surgical Medical Face Mask Making Machine

Face mask production line is a set of fully automatic production equipment for disposable face masks. This machine is a fully automatic (one for one) plane mask production line equipment developed on the basis of the single mask matching process for the production of plane masks, through the unique computer program automatic control system, mask body sheet conveying system and mask body sheet shunting system, it is very scientific and reasonable to connect a mask body machine and a mask ear band welding machine. So as to achieve the full automation of disposable mask production. The entire work flow is operated by one person. Greatly saved labor costs and maximized corporate profits.

Characteristic of Surgical Medical Face Mask Making Machine

1. Aluminum alloy machine structure, reasonable layout of all parts, beautiful appearance.
2. Production of mask body sheet, conveyance of mask body sheet, automatic welding of ear bands are completed at one time.
3. Equipped with high power, adjustable ultrasonic welding system.
4. PLC control, high degree of automation.
5. Photoelectric detection of raw material to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.
6. High stability, low failure rate and excellent performance.
7. Adjustable welding surface of mask earband.

Specifiction Surgical Medical Face Mask Making Machine

Technical parameter
1 Machine model LY-M010 LY-M020
2 Voltage AC 220V, 50/60 HZ AC 380V, 50/60 HZ
3 Power 7.5KW 7.5KW
4 Air supply pressure 6 HP 6 HP
5 Drive method Servo motor + Timing belt Servo motor + Timing belt
6 Control method PLC program PLC program
7 Applicable materials PU strap or polyester PU strap or polyester
8 Capacity 80-100pcs/min 80-100pcs/min
9 Machine weight 1000kg 2600kg

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