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Choosing a Good Label Die Cutting Machine Can Improve the Company's Brand Image Choosing a Good Label Die Cutting Machine Can Improve the Company

Labels are an important manifestation of the company's image and brand and play an important role in reflecting product quality and inducing consumers' desire to buy.

At present, the label printing industry is very mature. Data shows that the global label printing market has sales of about 38.6 billion U.S. dollars and a sales volume of about 64 billion square meters. Today's label printing companies are no longer limited to improving the level of single label printing technology, they already have the ability to produce diverse products. If you also want to enter the label printing industry, you can choose the label die cutting machine produced by Ruian Loyal Machinery Co., Ltd. The models are as follows:

1. Label Flat Die Cutting Machine (Figure 1)


This model has low production cost and is very suitable for die-cutting of self-adhesive trademarks, polyester film trademarks, and laser anti-counterfeiting trademarks with many specifications;

High-precision die-cutting, dragging, and slicing are controlled by a computer, and the two sides and longitudinal direction of the printed label are accurately tracked and positioned by three photoelectric eyes. Die-cutting, waste collection, slicing, or automatic labeling machine rolls are completed at one time.

This machine is the best configuration equipment for flexo printing machine, continuous screen printing machine, gravure printing machine, and anti-counterfeiting trademark printing machine. It is the most ideal and efficient model for trademark printing factories.

Machine modelLDC-320LDC-420
Die-cutting speed20-300time/min20-300time/min
Max. unwinding diameter
Max. web width320mm420mm
Max. die-cutting width300mm400
Max. die-cutting length300mm400
Main motor power2.2kw3kw
Positioning precision±0.1mm±0.1mm
Machine weight1800kg2200kg

Label Flat Die Cutting Machine(Figure 1

2. Label Flat Die Cutting Machine (Figure 2)


On the basis of the LDC-320 die cutting machine, a snowflake waste discharge is added, and the speed can reach 350 cycles per minute, which is simple and efficient.

Machine modelLDC-350B
Die-cutting speed20-350time/min
Max. unwinding diameter500mm
Max. web width350mm
Max. die-cutting width350mm
Max. die-cutting length350mm
Main motor power3kw
Positioning precision±0.1mm
Machine weight2200kg

 Label Flat Die Cutting Machine

(Figure 2

3. LDH-350 500times/min high speed flat die cutting machine

Machine modelLDH-350
2Die-cutting speed20-500times/min
3Max. unwinding diameter700mm
4Max. web width350mm
5Max. die-cutting width350mm
6Max. die-cutting length350mm
7Positioning precision±0.1mm
8Machine weight2200kg

3.LDH-350 500timesmin high speed flat die cutting machine

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