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On-off Process of Rewind Machine On-off Process of Rewind Machine

I. Start-up process

1. Turn on the general power supply of rewind machine and the power supply of detection system in turn. Note:

(1) Before turning on the power supply, make sure that the circuit is connected correctly and there is no short circuit;
(2) When turning on the general power supply, an alarm will appear, after about 5S, reset through the touch screen, then turn on the detection power supply.

2. Turn on the gas switch and make sure that the air pressure is about 6Mpa.

3. According to the direction of paper-threading in the machine state of the touch screen, product paper-threading should be carried out. Note:

(1) Before paper-threading, please select an effective paper-threading state;
(2) Ensure that the core is in the middle of the air-swelling shaft, and the installation position of the core is the same in the left and right air-swelling shaft;

4. Press the button of the inflatable shaft to inflate the inflatable shaft.

5. Adjust the position of the left and right deviation correction sensor so that after 50% of the deviation correction position, the effective function of the paper-piercing state is cancelled.

6. Open the tension-keeping function of shutdown: before opening the tension, ensure that there is no obvious relaxation of the product;

7. Set the tension and automatic running speed of rewind machine respectively. Note:

(1) The tension is set according to the characteristics of the product, the cigarette pack is generally about 45N, the maximum should not exceed 60N;
(2) The maximum operating speed should not exceed 200m/min;

8. Set the minimum roll diameter of the shaft. The size is generally 5 mm on the basis of the core diameter.

9. Open the testing software and load the corresponding product template. If it is a new product, please build the model according to the product modeling method, and then load the template.

10. Create a new train and start testing.

11. Select the direction of operation, press the operation button, and the rewind machine will run normally.

II. Shutdown process

1. Click on the "stop detection" button and use the ICW program to "shut down".

2. Turn off the switch of the detection system.

3. Turn off the main power switch of rewind machine.

4. Close the main valve.
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