Type 320 Label Paper High Speed Slitting Machine Type 320 Label Paper High Speed Slitting Machine

320 Type High Speed Slitting Machine

Overview: Self-developed high-speed label slitting machine, equipped with high-end full servo, rewinding and unwinding taper tension system and correction system, PLC program and touch screen man-machine system, and dual rewinding shaft automatic rotation transposition device. The preparation of the spare shaft greatly improves the production efficiency. It not only supports the free interchange of various specifications of inflatable shafts but also supports meter counting, counting, deceleration, and parking with less material.

Model: HC-350B

Maximum Mechanical Speed: 350m/min

Maximum Feeding Width: 320mm

Minimum Slitting Width: 18mm

Number of Knives: 8 sets

Maximum Unwinding Diameter: 700mm

Maximum Winding Diameter: 360mm

Power supply: 3PH+N+pe

Mechanical Weight: 1.5T

Size: 1800 * 1400 * 1400 mm

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