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What is the Function for Friction Shaft in the Rewinding Process? What is the Function for Friction Shaft in the Rewinding Process?

It's commonly known that friction shaft is widely used in slitting industry, but do you know what exact function for the friction shaft is? In the slitting and rewinding process, the problems we commonly encounter frequently is different web rewinding tension control, resulting in large rewinding deviation and web roll running out of its right position. The friction shaft is ideal solution for independent rolls rewinding on the same shaft with sectional rewinding tension control.

Different material thickness and different web winding tension is common phenomenon in the slitting and rewinding process. If you use a friction shaft, its ring and shaft are separated, each ring can slip separately. When a web on the shaft can't keep up, the friction shaft will automatically adjust the speed of the ring to keep the tension even, even if it is working continuously at high speed, it will also work well.

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