Case Share

Meeting Rotas for the first time was at LABELEXPO exhibition in Shanghai. He came and stopped by our stand, with the classic and elegant smile. After short talk, we knew he is from Thailand and runs a very reputable company of release film and other materials. Also, he has built a new plant and plans to purchase a slitter to convert the flexible pet material. The inquiry for the slitter is to slit very narrow film width 5mm and also want to slit back side of the material.

Thanks for Rotas’s detailed requirement, Raloyal, in the spot recommended HC-C series slitter, in the meantime, with the tailed solution for back slitting technology. We sent the solution files to Rotas after the exhibition. This solution can perfectly meet Rotas ‘s demand,andprice is good.

After 2 months, the end of 2019, we have concluded the deal smoothly like water flowing to a channel formed.

After shipment, due to the epidemic, wecould not go to Thailand, so the training was online (by wechat group video) with our service engineer. They learned the machine operation very quickly, and ran very well only within 1 day. Thanks for our service engineer ‘s profession and patience, also the operator ‘s earnestness there.

The machine runs very well in our customer’s factory, and he took a video for us below.

And 2 days ago, we made the after-sale service follow-up. This is their feedback.