MQ-320A Automatic Label Die Cutter Machine

This die cutting machine is ideal for all kind of label, characterized by high precision and high sensitivity.
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Features Specifiction

Features of MQ-320A Automatic Label Die Cutter Machine

The die cutting of sheet self-adhesive label, terylene film label, and the radium anti-fake label. This machine is the optimal assembled equipment for full cycle high-speed wed-fed label printing machine, flexible edition printing machine, continuous screen printing machine, gravure printing machine and anti-fake label swaging hammer.

MQ-320 420A-type cutter machine for platen structure, computer servo system pull the paper, the material on both sides by a photoelectric eye tracking and vertical positioning. Discharge - Die - exhausting - sliced or rolling, controlled by the completion of a full computer.

Working principle:
The working principle of the die-cutter machine is to use the die cutter, steel knife, metal mold, steel wire (or steel plate engraved stencil), through the imprint plate to exert a certain pressure, the printed or cardboard rolled into a certain shape. If the entire printed matter pressed into a single graphics product called die-cutter; if the use of steel wire in the printed material on the traces or leave the bending of the groove marks called indentation; if the use of yin and yang two templates, Heated to a certain temperature, printed on the surface of the printed material with a three-dimensional effect of the pattern or font called bronzing; if a base material on another substrate called the paste; excluding the rest of the genuine part Waste; the above can be collectively referred to as die cutter technology.

The die-cutting process is the most commonly used in a labeling process, that is, with a die cutter according to the product design requirements of the combination of patterns into a die-cutter version, under pressure, the printed matter or other bobbin material rolled into the required shape Or cut the molding process. Indentation process is the use of crimping knife or crimping die, through the role of pressure in the sheet on the out of the wire marks, or the use of roller wheel in a predetermined position on the plate bending forming. Usually, die-cutting indentation process is the combination of die-cutter knife and crimping knife in the same template, in the die-cutter machine at the same time die-cutting and indentation process referred to as die-cutter. Process introduction Die-cutting indentation of the main process is: on the plate → adjust the pressure → determine the rules → paste the substrate material → test die-cutter → formal die-cutter indentation → clean waste → finished product roll or cut into the pieces → points package.

Specifiction MQ-320A Automatic Label Die Cutter Machine

Technical parameter:




The maximum feed width



Discharge diameter



Die area

300*300 mm^2

400*400 mm^2

Cutting speed



Positioning accuracy



Host power 









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