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To meet the needs of different customers, LOYAL has two kinds of cross-cutting machine can choose: HQ-600-1300 high-speed cross cutting machine and HQ-450 high-speed cross cutting machine.

HQ-600-1300 high-speed cross cutting machine is slitting and cross-cutting equipment, suitable for the demand of material's slitting is not too high. If the material cutting requirements are high, you can choose a professional slitting machine slitting processing first and then select the crosscutting machine to do horizontal cutting. For the general requirements of the material, HQ-600-1300 high-speed cross cutting machine can make slitting and cross-step to complete, eliminating many steps. Save labor and reduce material waste. The material of this crosscutting machine is a separate material that can accommodate larger diameter rolls. Unwinding of the correction device to achieve automatic inspection and automatic correction. The waste edges produced during the Slitting process can be blown out through the blower to extend machine life.

HQ-450 high-speed cross-cutting machine is a relatively compact model, unwinding and the whole machine is one. Simple structure, suitable for only cross-cutting material processing use. This machine is controlled by the computer, easy to operate. Frequency variable speed fixed length, can be flexible to meet customer needs. Automatic counting to achieve the function of intelligent counting, saving manpower and resources. Sound and light alarm equipment can remind the operator outside the attention of security, the machine's safety factor is high. The application of the indexer improves the accuracy of the crosscutting.

Cross cutting machine with automatic lifting structure, easy loading, rolling tension by the magnetic brake control. The machine is compact, high degree of automation, with computer control, frequency control fixed length, automatic counting, sound Light alarm, horizontal, vertical and two-bit photoelectric tracking and other functions. It is suitable for lateral cutting of roll material after printing and it is a necessary equipment for the cutting of the composite material. Beside the standard type of machines, we provide customized design in this serial to accomplish the variety industries.

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