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HC-T series slitting machine is a specialized machine for slitting thermal paper, bond paper, Cash register paper, Fax Paper, POS paper, ATM paper, and another small roll...According to the requirements of customers with different degrees of automation, for roll change, Raloyalhave a manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic roll model. Paper market demand is to grow year by year, Raloyal thermal paper slitting solution is not only suitable for new starts but also long history companies who want to increase productivity. Raloyal, your loyal converting supplier.
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  • Happy Chinese New Year 2023-01-14 We are glad to announce that:Raloyal will start holiday from 18th Jan - 1st Feb, 2023. we will be back to work on 2nd Feb, 2023.During holiday, Raloyal team will still provide service if you have any ...
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  • Raloyal 2022 Annual Meeting 2023-01-10 On 6th Jan, 2023, Friday, Raloyal team held the annual meeting. All peers attended, include the manufacture department, R&D department, purchasing department, sales department, HR and warehousing...