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HCS Overhead Path Slitting Rewinding Machine for Labels and Film HCS Overhead Path Slitting Rewinding Machine for Labels and Film

The upgrade version of the HCT slitter is presented to you this time.

"HCS Slitting Rewinding Machine" is a newly innovated model based on the HCT series.The HCS model,adopts the overhead path, ensuring a cleaner and neater material path, reducing material waste, and enhancing material utilization.And it retains the other advantages of the HCT4.The turret slitter used for the soft flexible packing materials such as PE/PP/PET/BOPP/PVC, Composite membrane and other coiled cylindrical material,etc. And HCS still be suitable for Labels and Adhesive sticker.Such as art paper labels,tire labels,pe/pp labels,etc.


1.Overhead path to assure the material clean and avoid the glue dripping

2.Equipped 7 servo motors, to enable the machine slitting, rotating and rewinding accuracy.

3.Automatic loading,automatic knife cutting,4 shaft turret non-stop,all the automation boost the efficiency and reduce the labor force.

4.Dual-turret roll change non-stop for quick cycle time.

5.Shaftless unwind assure the loading safely and efficiently.

6.Laminating and peeling function can be selectable,Meet your production needs.

7.The machine operates at high speed, and the mechanical speed can reach 500m/min.

8.Automatic pushing for finished product.

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