Other Machine Знамето на продуклист
Others, there are two other machines you can choose, QZ Paper Tube Cutting Machine and JB-320 Computer Adhesive Label Inspection and Slitting Machine.LOYAL offers this two ancillary equipment to meet the high demands of customers for product processing details.

Computer Adhesive Label Inspection is a product of self-adhesive products that are cut into trademarks and then cut into the final product indispensable quality inspection equipment. Through the inspection of the number of trademarks, customers can understand the quality of the finished product. In the rewinding process, found that fewer trademarks and trademark problems and make timely processing. In the actual production process, the computer adhesive label inspection has replaced the manual inspection, not only saves the labor cost but also accurately detects the quality of the trademark. LOYAL's Computer Adhesive Label Inspection comes with two pedals, which are easy to handle and ergonomic to make operator more convenient and comfortable. This design makes the operator is not easy to slack work, work more efficient.

Paper tube cutting machine is the necessary equipment for all kinds of drum material processing. Only the width of the reel in line with the width of raw materials and product requirements in order to produce the most cost-effective products. If the paper tube width is too long, the roll material may not be put into the reel inside the resulting inconvenience, time-consuming effort, and paper tube waste. If the paper tube width is not enough, the roll material in the production and processing process, the paper tube cannot afford the material extrusion easily deformation and material deformation caused by the final product quality cannot meet the production requirements. If the cutting tube is cut with a conventional cutting method, the appearance of the final product is affected by the flattening of the straight pipe. As well as the details of the final product quality decline.

All in all, computerized adhesive label inspection and paper tube cutting machines play an increasingly important role in product quality assurance.

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