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Unit Type Flexo Printing Machine

LYUT model label press is the latest innovation used in Full Servo Flexographic printing press. Each printing unit is equipped with separated servo motor and PLC control to achieve the highest precision for high end product like shampoo label, medical lab

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Our Difference

  • This Full servo flexo printing machine has excellent petal structure, plate loading, anilox rollers and plate rollers quick change, saving operator time for plate changing.
  • This Full servo flexo press is equipped with separated PLC electronic control + servo motor control: Omron system for each printing unit.
  • This Servo driven Printing Press has automatic pre-registration, automatic registration, save time and material.
  • This Servo driven flexo printer uses high-precision unique clutching pressure method, plate roller and anilox roller pressed together in one place, ensuring high precision and efficiency.
  • This Servo driven flexo printing machine uses standard infrared drying system.
  • The printing pressure of this sleeve type flexographic printing press is the same thickness of substrate material, replace the plate roller with different repeat length, printing pressure does not need to be adjusted.
  • Pre-registered electric eye of this Automatic in-Line Modular Flexo Printing Machine for PVC BOPP CPP Paper: each unit is equipped with a pre-registered electric eye at the back
  • The high printing speed of this Unit Type Flexographic/Flexo Printing Machine can reach120m/min.
  • This High Speed Unit Type Paper Flexographic/Flexo Printing Machine can be second registration: second registration accuracy +/-0.15mm.
  • This Printing machine with Corona treatment has remote control: equipped with remote diagnosis and remote service function
  • The tuning of Petal type flexo: minimum speed 10m/min tuning

Advantage of Petal Type Flexo Printing Machine

1. This Automatic Intermittent Letterpress Rotary Label Printing Machine adopts SIEMENS PLC control, Touch screen on human machine interface with high resolution colors and easy operator controls.
2. Heavy machine body processed by CNC: ensure LED UV Flexo Full Rotary & Intermittent Label Printing Machine running in high speed stably and long time lifetime.
3. Automatic shaftless adopted to improve the efficiency and assure the operator safety.
4. Shaftless loading control by hydraulic system, more powerful and strength than pneumatic cylinder control.
5. Main motor and rewinder motor adopted servo motor + JAPAN YASKAWA inverter control.
6. Unwinding tension and rewinding tension controlled by SIMENS PLC and JAPAN SMC proportional valves, automatic tension control, keep tension stable.
7. Pausource web guide system, adopted ultrasonic inspection, servo motor drive, ensure the material running stable and precision of align.
8. High quality KOREAN circular blade adopted, SKH-2 material ensure the lifetime and also the slitting accuracy.
9. Automatic counter wheel KOREA AUTONIC adopted, ensure higher precision for meter counting.
10. Synchronous belt transmission, low noise, running more steady.
11. Outside splicing table, which is more convenient for worker to operate and increase the productivity.
12. All the guide roll are processed by dynamic balance treatment, which make sure the machine can run in high speed stably.
13. Rubber roller adopted polyurethane material, more wear-resisting and own longer lifetime.
14. Aluminum roller adopted harden oxidation treatment, have the characteristic of high hardness and surface is more smooth, anti-scratch.
15. Friction shaft, each unit’s tension can be compensated automatically and ensure the slitting effect is more smooth and even.
16. Auto blade set as option.
17. Auto push can be selected as option.

Technical Parameters of Narrow Web Flexo Printing Machine:

Technical parameter



LYUT4-320mm printing machine


Printing width



Gear pitch



Plate thickness

1.14 or 1.7


Double-sided thickness



Max diameter of unwinding



Max diameter of  rewinding



Material weight

30-300 grams


Each group is equipped with one anilox roller

6 rollers (According to customer product)


Equipped with 3 sets of plate rollers

36 rollers (According to customer product)


Repeat length


Running Video

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Our material is pre-printed, can I use this machine doing second time printing?

Yes, It can, every printing unit we equipped with separated servo motor and PLC control with color tracking. Second registration accuracy is ±0.15mm

2: What is the most popular width for this machine?

  320mm and 450mm

3: What material can you printing?

   Label sticker, paper, sleeve label, etc. high precision demand product

4: How about the machine installation and operation when. Machine delivery to our factory? 

Machine as usual is integrated and we do not dismantle before delivery.

So just connect the power cable and air pipe is ok.

For the operation, we take instruction video for all customers before delivery to guide you how to operate, and provide the instruction file.

Also we provide service: our engineer and technician open live training until you learned it and run it well . 

5: How about the guarantee. ?

12 months guarantee, life-long time technic maintenance and support. 24 hours feedback when receive the client writing maintenance proposal.

Any part damage caused by non-human factors within the warranty period can be replaced for free, excluding machine consumable parts. Maintenance of part damage caused by violation operation or mis-operation of operators will be charged with costs of parts.

The price of spare parts exceeding the warranty period shall be the lowest ex-factory price of the seller.

For extra accessories beyond the standard configuration of contractual machine, the price shall be the lowest ex-factory price of the seller.

Any time you have question about printing machine, we are always here to provide service. 

Clients feedback

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