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Our company adopted and introduced foreign technologies,  researched and developed for more than ten years independently. It has researched and developed machines of various specifications, models and multipurpose machines independently.

1.Machine bodies with steel materials, body heavy, smooth operation, to ensure that large materials in the high-speed machine stability. Strong and durable, to extend the life of the machine to ensure a longer service.

2.Slitting machine's unwinder adopts air shaft
-short time of inflatable, simple placement of paper tube, heavy weight of bear, high economic efficiency, easy miantain and long life service

3.The atuo tension of air shaft controlled by the power brake and clutch
-fast responsibility, simple construction, non-pollution, noiselessness, unimpacted vibration, energy conservation

4.The EPC/LPC adopted.
Ultrasonic correction/ photoelectric track

-Achieve high precision and high sensitive meet customers’ high demand

-Ultrasonic correction is by far the most advanced correction technology, LOYAL continue to learn and research and development trial new technology, improve product quality, improve customer use value for the customer.

5.Laser core position
-Laser positioning cutting position, to achieve accurate positioning of materials cut, reduce material waste, improve product quality.

6.Main machine is of frequency conversion speed regulation
-high efficient, easy operation, long life service

-simple construction, easy intall, easy space allocation, high power output, well-adapted and save labour

control the whole machine operation via human-machine interface

-the tension was calculated automatically by the PLC addition and subtraction, high work efficiency, easy operation

9.Slip shaft
-achieve the perfect fixing for different kinds of materials rewinding, high work efficiency meet customers' high demand

10. Hydraulic lifting shaftless loading and Pneumatic powder break
-achieve automatic feeding, solve the problem of tube deformation, improve efficiency greatly, save labour

11.Double shaft cantilever structure with independent
-ideal for large diameter heavy rolls, release of labor force, unloading rolls safety

12.Automatic meter counter
-OMRON Digital

-Accurate counting, real-time counting, smooth operation, easy to operate simple, high-counting quality

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