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What Are Battery Labels? What Are Battery Labels?

Battery labels are usually attached to batteries such as carbon-zinc batteries, alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, mobile phone batteries, dry batteries, fuel cells and etc. Battery labels have been widely used in the electrical and electronic industry.


The battery labels are made of high-quality material and glue. It has high viscosity and strong stability. It can be used in the environment of -40℃~250℃. The battery label has a waterproof and oil-proof protective film to protect the printed content, which can resist scratches and wear, making the brand more durable and the label more colorful and textured. Battery labels can be coated to protect the battery. General materials for battery labels include PET, PVC, PC, PI polyimide, aluminized self-adhesive, synthetic paper, etc. The battery labels are waterproof, oil-proof, friction-resistant, good gloss and flexibility, and etc. Moreover, the battery labels with coating design can protect the battery better and meet environmental protection requirements.


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