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What are the Innovative Applications of RFID Technology on Labels? What are the Innovative Applications of RFID Technology on Labels?

As the information carrier of modern intelligent systems, RFID tags are increasingly used in various fields, which not only endows traditional tags with infinite possibilities, but also contributes to the construction of "smart cities". So, what are the innovative applications of RFID technology on labels?

01 RFID tags in aviation field
In terms of aviation operation management, how to enable aircraft maintenance personnel to conveniently and quickly pick up, return and find aviation equipment, and accurately track the use of each tool and part is the core problem of continuous optimization and improvement in the aviation field. A slight omission will cause irreparable and painful losses, and even major safety problems. Due to the uniqueness and convenience of RFID tags, it has become the best choice for intelligent management of various types and quantities of aviation equipment, and can easily realize the precise management of aviation materials.

02 RFID Medical Wristband Tags
The application of RFID technology in the medical field is to use advanced Internet, to realize the information communication between patients, medical staff and medical equipment. This The RFID wristband tag has the functions of long-distance reading and multi-tag group reading. The status of the patient can be monitored in real time, breaking the disadvantage of the old handwritten or barcode wristband labels that can only be read by a single scan with a specific device.

03 RFID tags realize "seamless" payment
Nowadays, RFID tags are widely used in many scenarios such as consumer shopping and product information query. For example, the clothing, shoes and hats industry will be equipped with an RFID tag on each product, so that merchants can easily understand the sales and inventory of products.
Consumers who enter the pop-up shop can choose products freely, and only need to pass the RFID tag on the shopping bag through the scanning device at the exit. The system can automatically detect product information within 3 seconds, and display detailed purchase information on the monitor. Consumers can then complete the payment via credit card or digital wallet. Automatic commodity scanning and contactless payment methods bring consumers a more immersive consumption experience. In the trend of the times when online shopping prevails, RFID tags create a completely autonomous new shopping model for physical store shopping.

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