HCH2-1700 High Speed Slitting Machine with Friction Shaft

Use the high speed slitting machine is applicable to PE, PP, PET, PVC, and other plastic films, paper, composite film, the aluminum film, color film. It is the ideal model of the film.
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HCH2-1700 High Speed Slitting Machine with Slip Shaft
This machine is more suit for the high demand of raw material slitting. Such as electronic protective film, optical film and other high-quality tapes, etc.
Technical Support
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Features Machine System Specifiction

Features of HCH2-1700 High Speed Slitting Machine with Friction Shaft

If you have compared the 2nd generation of slitting machines with the 1stgeneration patiently, you will find that people really adore the slip shafts. Because it can be thickened or slimed to fit the required diameter of rewind rolls by inflating or deflating, the slit and processed materials are always smooth and balance.

So, as you can see, this series of high-speed slitting machines are extraordinarily suited to various kinds of materials, such as PE, PP, PET, PVC, and other plastic films, which may be used to protect the screens of smartphones.

Besides, like other slitting machines we designed, it is also applicable to electronic protective films, labels, aluminum films and all kinds of tapes, etc.

This type of roller slitting machine has adopted slip shafts, which is based on the model HCH1-1700 high-speed slitting machines. Absolutely, it can achieve the functions of the perfect fixing for different kinds of materials in rewinding, and it perfectly reduces the waste of raw materials while it increases the rate of material's usage.

Each of our second generation of slitting machines is equipped with two slip shafts and two motors. Two slip shafts on one machine mean that you can freely slit your raw materials into 2 rolls on the rewind part at the same time. And if you want to have a larger diameter to your slit rolls, you can have the slip shaft inflated appropriately. Otherwise, deflate it or keep the status.

The perfect fixing for different kinds of materials rewinding, being able to reduce the cost waste, due to the irregular rewinding rolls, slitting cut off, and off-roller. And as two motors are involved, it can ensure good running, carrying the main traction part and rewind part more easily. Two servo motors independently control the unwinding and 2 pcs slip shafts rewinding, which can ensure the tension better, rewinding smoothly and slitting accurately.

Trimmed waste
  • 1
    Touch screen on Human machine interface (HMI) by PLC
  • 1
    Air shaft
  • 2
    Ultrasonic rectification is adopted detect the rectification of rolling
  • 3
    Pneumatic powder brake and PLC are adopted to control the tension
  • 1
    the material of rubber covered roller use polyurethane (wearproof)
  • 2
    Aluminum rod after Hardness oxide (protection materials and scratch-proof)
  • 3
    The movement of rubber covered roller is controlled by the cylinder
  • 4
    Servo motor and Main machine is of variable-frequency drive
  • 5
    Synchronous belt
  • 1
    Shear cutter system (sharp, flexibleand slitting efficiently)
  • 2
    Automatic metering
  • 1
    Slip shaft
  • 2
    Electronic proportional valve is adopted to control the tension
  • 1
    Equipped with blower and expulsion tube

Specifiction HCH2-1700 High Speed Slitting Machine with Friction Shaft

Optional: Rewind web clamping, Splicing table, Laser core position, Automatic loading system, Hydraulic lift up, Dual rewind sations, Dual unload station

Technical parameter:



Max.  Unwinding width


Total power






Unwinding roller diameter


Rewinding roller diameter 


Machine weight


Machine  overall dimension


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