LOYAL Anti-counterfeit Label Slitting Machine Explores Huge Potential of Anti-counterfeit Label Slit LOYAL Anti-counterfeit Label Slitting Machine Explores Huge Potential of Anti-counterfeit Label Slit

I. The importance of anti-counterfeit labels

Counterfeiting and imitation are the by-products of market economy. The phenomena always occur as long as goods exist in all ages. In order to protect their own interests, anti-counterfeit technology emerged. With the continuous development of global market economy, anti-counterfeit technology has also achieved a qualitative leap.

At present, there are not only professional enterprises providing comprehensive anti-counterfeit solutions in the market, but also a large number of printing enterprises can provide anti-counterfeit solutions with unique technical characteristics. All enterprises in the anti-counterfeit technology market bloom together and contend for attention. According to the latest research, the anti-counterfeit label market is expected to exceed $45 billion by 2030. With the popularization of anti-counterfeit labels, the most humble commodity labels have become more and more important.

II. The introduction of LOYAL anti-counterfeit label slitting machine

RUIAN LOYAL MACHINERY CO., LTD. specializes in producing anti-counterfeit label slitting machines, and our machines have passed strict quality inspection. The following models are suitable for slitting anti-counterfeit labels.

1. HCH2-1300 friction shaft high-speed slitting machine

The slitting machine cuts accurately and winds stably through the friction shaft winding. German Siemens control system is adopted to achieve high degree of automation. It has the functions of section tension control and anti-scratch.

Machine model: HCH2-1300

Unwinding width 1300 mm

Machine speed: 300-400 m/min

Slitting accuracy: ±0.03 mm

Winding diameter: 1000mm (Shaveless load: 1200mm)

Winding diameter 600 mm

Main servo motor power: 4 KW

Rewinding servo motor power: 11 KW

Mounting size: 1950×2830×1750 mm

Machine weight: 3500 kg

2. HCH3-1300B automatic slitting machine 

This kind of slitting machine is the most suitable machine to meet the high speed and high precision requirement of material slitting and rewinding of giant rollers. It can slit and rewind anti-counterfeit labels. The machine adopts NC machining to ensure the precision and stability.

Machine model: HCH3-1300B

Unwinding width: 1300 mm

Machine speed: 300 m/min

Slitting accuracy: ±0.03 mm

Winding diameter: 1200mm

Winding diameter: 600 mm

Main servo motor power: 11 KW

Rewinding servo motor power: 2×11 KW

Mounting size: 1950×2830×1750 mm

RUIAN LOYAL MACHINERY CO., LTD. introduced and adopted automatic unloading as well as semi-automatic/automatic knife adjustment to make the anti-counterfeiting label slitting machine operate more efficiently. Our quality always satisfies customers. Welcome to contact us, and we will provide you with the best service!

The above two models can not only cut anti-counterfeit labels, but also the ideal models for other label products.

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