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The Notice and Classification of Roll Paper Cross-cutting Machine The Notice and Classification of Roll Paper Cross-cutting Machine

For the use of roller paper cutting machine, the corresponding codes of operation should be developed, it can be divided into work before and after work. Check whether all work positions are properly adjusted before the roller is put into work, and the lubrication oil should be lubricated in advance. We should check if the cutter is sharp. After all normal, we can start empty car operation and check whether have the abnormality and preprocessing the order to enter the computer to check in advance. After the equipment is put into work, the best working state of the equipment should be adjusted according to the production situation, and we should ensure that the slitting machine has the right indentation and no burrs. And check whether the paper of the roll paper cutting machine works smoothly and the length of the cut is accurate. The cross-cutting machine of the connection also needs to be concerned about the operation of the paper, avoiding paper jam or production of defective products.

After the work is completed, the dust and paper debris accumulated on the roller should be cleaned to prevent dust and debris from entering the mechanical interior, and we should inspect the cutter and grinding wheel and other parts, and then clean the water-oil separator and the water in the tank, these are the parts that need to be checked most, and the working parts should also be checked to see if they are in good condition. The use and inspection plan of the roller paper cutting machine is to minimize the probability of mechanical failure, so as to avoid the unexpected situation.

The classification of web cutting machine

The paper cross-cutting machine is suitable for vertical and horizontal cutting of whiteboard paper, gold and silver paper, plain rainbow paper, positioning laser anti-fake paper, plastic sheet, and so on. The computer parts of the reel cutting machine are made up o the international advanced industrial control computer, 5.5 color digital display, imported frequency converter, photoelectric sensor, AC servo motor, and driver. The control mode of the whole machine is advanced, and the speed of the main engine, servo motor, and feeding motor is controlled by computer to achieve the same operation. It has the advantages of high cutting precision, fast speed, and easy feeding. The paper can be equipped with wet, dry and leveling system to make the paper straight and set.

The common type

a. According to the cutting knife form: it can be divided into scissors cutting machine and hob crosscutting machine
b. According to the collection form: it can be divided into automatic sorting and common type (manual finishing)
c. According to the roll form: it can be divided into air expansion axial roll and hydraulic shaft free roll
d. According to the brake form: it can be divided into magnetic powder brake and pneumatic brake

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