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The Maintenance of the Cutting Machine② The Maintenance of the Cutting Machine②

1. Be good at the maintenance work. First of all, the daily maintenance should be in place, its standard is smooth, clean, liquidations (no dust, no debris) in place, ensure the equipment's sliding position is in good condition.

Second is the maintenance work, the rotation of the site to stop regular and irregular inspection (especially for vulnerable parts to stop real-time monitoring). We should carry out regular adjustment, change the commutator regularly, and make detailed records to reach the purpose of prolonging the service life of the equipment.

2. The electric part should be cleaned and checked regularly, timely cleaning the hidden trouble.

3. Use the high-quality slitting knife and crosscutting knife.

4. We should improve the technical quality and level of operation personnel, the control of the local operation should be done by the special person, without permission no one should operate on their own.

The cross-cutting machine belongs to carton processing machinery. The cutting machine of the corrugated cardboard production line cutting machine is the mechanical equipment scrap cutting board cadres, its technical performance, and equipment adjustment directly affects the cutting size of cardboard waste can be accurate, the line can break and cut the lubricity of beautiful appearance. The cardboard consumption line has three main functions of corrugated forming, laminating machine and slitting machine, and the cutting function is done by slitting machine and cutting machine.

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