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RFQ for the Label Die Cutting Machine RFQ for the Label Die Cutting Machine

Die cutting is the important procedure of label production.

Under the label die cutting procedure, we always face some problems ,these problems lead the productivity decrease much ,even will cause the whole batch product scrapped and occur big lost for enterprise . now raloyal want to share with you some frequent questions and the settling methods.

A: Question: Why label edge deink after die cutting?

Some labels design is as this: will die cut in the printed patterns surface, if this ,the die knife cut on the printed surface. Under this situation, will always face a problem : the cutting edge deinking after die cutting.If it is laminated material, it even have the phenomenon :the lamination film and ink together deinking.What factors cause this problem happen?

Basically it have 2 reasons.


1: Answer: The print material surface’s adhesion, also called surface energy .Generally speaking ,enable the ink can adhere to the material surface ,the surface energy can not less than 38 dyne ,if want the ink adhesion is better ,the surface energy should be more than 42 dyne .otherwise ,it will have this deinking problem . The material ,whose surface energy less than 38 dyne cannot adhere solidly after printing and then die cutting continuously ,then it will easily occur the problem :die cutting edge deinking .How to solve it ?


Advice:Can change material ,if can not change material ,can try to print one layer ground ink to increase the material’s surface tension ,to ensure not deink when label die cutting ..


2:Answer :The ink adhesion is not enough.

Some kind of inks have the quality problem itself ,or maybe can not match with the material ,will also cause the ink adhesion is not good after printing . Under such situations, the label edge deinking problems will easily happen.

AdviceWe advise the printing factory make the sample test ,if approved ,then can arrange the mass production . if found the adhesion is not enough ,then change the ink to solve.

B  Question: Why Glassine base paper bending after cutting ?

The label as usual have two types collecting : roll rewinding and sheeting . sheeting type need cut label. Generally speaking ,the label for sheeting , thickness is more than 95gsm ,but sometimes ,also need thinner glassine base paper cutting to use ,then it maybe have the problem of bending.



Answer: The major reason cased the bending is : The base paper water content is affected by the environment and occur enormous change ,the water content change will lead the paper shrink or expand enormously .Due to the label material is laminated material ,the base paper and face paper shrinkage is different ,so under same environmental condition ,the base paper and face paper deformation rate is different . If the base paper deformation is smaller than face paper deformation, then the glassine paper will bend upward , otherwise ,it will bend downward.


1: Once face this problem ,then need control the humanity of the. workshop ,contorl the workshop relative humanity at 50%~60%;
2: If the material have been deformed ,can put a simple baffle on the cutting desk, and pad up the label entrance to enable the label can deliver normally then collect up.


C Question: Why labels adhesion?

In die cutting process ,if the static is too big ,it will cause the labels adhesion . This phenomenon majorly occurred on cutting single sheet. We can try to solve it by 2 methods below:


1: Install the static eliminator.the usual static eliminator device include :static rod ,ion fan etc.

2: Increase the workshop relative humanity ,the workshop relative humanity addition benefit for the static elimating . can install the automatic humidification system to keep the workshop humanity. also can adopte the industry humidifier to humidifying .also can use this easy way : cleaing the ground of workshop often to keep the humanity .

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