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The Maintenance of the Cutting Machine① The Maintenance of the Cutting Machine①

1. Check the pneumatic components every day. If there is a leak, repair it in time.

2. Add NO. 30 oil to the slitting knife and pressure line wheel adjustment screw weekly, it can be seen that there is oil, not too much.

3. Perform computer corrective actions before starting on a daily basis, the computer display value should be consistent with the pointer indicator data, if it is not consistent we should adjust the computer numerical, to ensure the accuracy of the line pressing and cutting size.

4. The cutting knife is very sharp and we need to be careful when touching or fetching. When cutting knife at work, it is strictly forbidden to approach or contact the cutting knife. They should not stand near the cutters so as to avoid splitting and wounding.

5. The cutting gear adopts oil-immersed lubrication, which must be changed for 300 hours for the first time, and later we change the oil depending on the situation.

6. The crosscutting blade is a kind of vulnerable parts and grinding and replacement should be carried out regularly.

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