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How much do you know about the die-cutting process? How much do you know about the die-cutting process?

As an indispensable process for label making, die-cutting has experienced great innovation in recent years. It has gradually developed from a simple vertical manual die-cutting machine and semi-automatic flat bed die cutting machine to today's fully automatic flat bed die cutting machine, rotary die cutting machine and other forms.

The common label die cutting processes on the market can be divided into machine engraving die cut, flat bed die cut pressing, rotary die cut pressing, and digital die cutting processes. Among them, the engraving die cut process is mainly controlled by computer software for die cutting, which does not require plate making, but the speed is slow, which is more suitable for some proofing or short orders.

The flat bed die cutting process mainly adopts the continuous pressing of the flat bed die-cutting plate to realize die-cutting. The advantage of this process is that the plate-making cost is cheaper than the rotary die-cutting process.

The rotary die cutting process currently uses magnetic die cutting in the market, which consists of two parts: a magnetic roller and a blade. Die cutting methods are divided into two types: full-rotation and intermittent. Among them, intermittent circular die cutting can realize die cutting only by changing the blade according to different products, which greatly reduces the cost of plate making. The advantages of the rotary die cutting process are fast speed and high efficiency. Also, the rotary die cutting machine is easy to debug, can be operated without high-tech talents, and the labor cost is low.

As rising demands for personalized labels, the digital die-cutting technology emerges. The die-cutting process of the digital die cutting process does not require plate making, and the die-cutting is directly controlled by the computer. This technology is best suitable for die cutting flexible and changeable pattern. If you change the pattern temporary, die cutting also can be realized, especially at the moment before die cutting, which greatly saves the work cycle.

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