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Raloyal 2022 Annual Meeting Raloyal 2022 Annual Meeting

On 6th Jan, 2023, Friday, Raloyal team held the annual meeting. All peers attended, include the manufacture department, R&D department, purchasing department, sales department, HR and warehousing department, etc.

On the meeting, each department representative made a speech. The manufacture department manager, Mr. Wei was the first one to deliver the speech. His speech mainly included the 2022 year’s total production capacity of high speed and high precision slitting machine – high speed label slitter machine HCH2-1300: 62 sets, HCH2-1600 slitter 30 sets, HCH2-2000 slitter: 2 set.

The gantry type HCH3-1300B series 12 sets, the standard type, which is also the most economic type HC-1300/1600: 32 sets, 320/420 rotary die cutting machine: 15 sets, label /paper printing machine: 20 sets, Sheeter machine: 7 sets.

Raloyal 2022 annual production quantity is 180 sets.

The on-time delivery ratio reaches 95%, which is 5 percentage more than last year. ---this is a big progress for Raloyal production team under the order quantity increasing precondition!

Mr. Wei also talked the current question he faced about the production. He said he will focus on not only the production quality and delivery time promptly, but also the 5S administration which is to promote the production efficiency and quality conversely.

Mr. Wei’s speech is so infections that won everyone’s applause

After Mr. Wei, our R&D manager, Mr. Sun is the second one to deliver speech, this year, under the leadership of Mr. Sun, the raloyal R&D team created many innovations, such as: the HCH3-1300B slitter have upgraded the design and speed reach 500m/min, and HC-Z series machine also have speed increase.

The design and speed innovation won the good feedback from our customers. After publishing on WeChat for only 1 days, we have received many customers inquires! 3 customers have placed the order and the others are in processing of technology discussing.


HCH3-1300B paper label slitter for jumbo roll


HC-Z paper/label slitter for jumbo roll  

The small narrow label inspection machine 320 model developed for the customer extra demand for label inspecting, this type machine is compact and very economic, one of our customers ordered 4 sets in once time!

Another highlight is the unit type label printing machine technology innovation for both paper label and the shrink beverage label,which is the alternative solution of stack type label slitting machine, to meet the high position class customer of the label printing.

Sun said continuously, the goal of 2023, their plan is to increase the slitter speed to 700m/min and also will develop the gantry type label slitter for jumbo roll label slitting: unwinder roll diameter reach more than 1500mm, and the rewind friction shaft roll diameter can reach 800 and 1000mm. The aluminum foil slitter ‘s upgrade is also in their plan list. Mr. sun’s excellent speech also won teams heavy applause.

After the RD department, it is turn to sales team. The sales performance of Raloyal have 50% increase in 2022, half of the performance is from our regular customers, which means Raloyal slitter quality and service convinced our customers, and more and more regular customers make repeated procurement.  

In the last, HR, accounting and purchasing department also delivered their speech one by one, and talked about their achievement, the weak point in the 2022 work directly, and the step about how to correct and improve in 2023, which reflects the core culture of Raloyal –Integrity, Profession, Passion and innovation.

After the annual meeting, everybody of us learned much, the confidence increasing, the passion lifting from our bottom heart, the goal turning more clear --- believe Raloyal team will surely reach another new goal. Stay tuned!

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