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The Development of Automatic Cross Cutting Machine Continues to Solve Problems for Enterprises! The Development of Automatic Cross Cutting Machine Continues to Solve Problems for Enterprises!

Ⅰ. The automation development of the cross cutting machine

The cross cutting machine can be applied to the cutting of coated paper, kraft paper and other papers and paper-plastic composites, plastic sheets and other roll materials, and is suitable for the production of papermaking and paper processing industries.

The cross cutting machine is suitable for cutting different types of office paper, high-gloss photo paper, and paper-plastic composite roll packaging materials. It is also suitable for cutting color printing films, heat shrinkable films, battery labels, and mineral water labels.

The cross cutting machine is suitable for cutting large-scale roll packaging materials such as paper, film, paper-plastic composite, cloth, leather and so on.

How to make good products in a shorter time and with less manpower is the goal pursued by all enterprises. Difficulties in recruitment and high training costs are the main problems existing in enterprise employment at present.

The continuous improvement of the degree of automation of the cross cutting machine can just solve the labor problem, and the labor intensity of the operator will also be significantly reduced. The operator only needs to adjust a few buttons on the console and input the size data of the corresponding processed products, and the equipment can automatically complete the adjustment of the corresponding parts, thereby completing the cutting, binding, stitching, die cutting, hot stamping, and folding printing and equipment exchange order adjustment for other post-processing procedures. Let me introduce to you the cross cutting machine made by RUIAN LOYAL MACHINERY CO.,LTD.

Ⅱ. Introduction of cross cutting machine of LOYAL 

Paper film tablet press:

1. Purpose

This machine is specially designed for machines that cut coils to A4 horizontally and vertically.

2. Features

1) Adopt downward circular cutting, the finished product is neat and orderly, anhydrous rhombus; at the same time, it can be used for horizontal cutting and vertical cutting;

2) Use servo motor to control fixed-length cutting;

3) PLC control, touch screen operation;

4) Using pneumatic and displacement sensors to control the transmission system, control by combining photoelectric and gas with simple operation, high precision and good stability;

5) This machine has the function of a frequency converter timing device, automatic counting, alarm and shutdown, magnetic powder tension control, and can be placed vertically;

6) Use a blower to discharge waste;

7) With high-speed, high-precision cutting function. The pneumatic structure of the transmission part is combined with computer control to make the operation more stable;

8) With automatic palletizing function and photoelectric automatic tracking intercom.


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