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Features of Paper Rewinder Features of Paper Rewinder

Paper rewinder is a special equipment for mica tape and film. The rewinding process mainly accomplishes three tasks, the first is to remove the edge of the base paper; the second is to cut the whole base paper into a number of width in line with user specifications; and the third is to control the roll diameter of the finished paper, so that it meets the factory specifications.

(1) Advantages of paper rewinder:

1. Equip and process with coreless, solid, rolled tubular toilet paper, the switch between products can be completed instantaneously.

2. Automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing and shaft pulling are accomplished instantly synchronously, so that the rolled paper can be transferred to band saw for cutting and packaging without paper loss.

3. The pneumatic type of belt conveyor paper, rewinding shaft and each shaft base paper have independent regulatory agency of tension.

(2) Features of paper rewinder:

1. Its structure is compact and easy to operate.

2. Cutting grooves are arranged on the receiving platform.

3. The frequency conversion drive technology is used for winding, rolling and traction.

4. PLC programmable controller is used as core processing unit.

5. Touchscreen can be used as man-machine dialogue interface.

6. It is ontroled by high precision.

7. It can automatically attenuate tension and control taper.

8. The length to decelerate can be fixed.

9. The length to park can be fixed.

10. There are positive and reverse functions.

11. Static elimination function.
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