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Paper Rewinder, Safety and Energy Saving Paper Rewinder, Safety and Energy Saving

If we want to make profits, we must work safely. The paper rewinder should avoid danger in use, this is a very important link, and the main requirements are as follows: Check the electrical switch of rewinder and the protective device before operation. And it can't be operated until it is confirmed that there is no abnormal operation. During the operation, the operator should turn off the power supply when he leaves the machine. If the machine breaks down, he should first cut off the power supply, and then take effective measures. During the operation, do not cut the tube too hard to prevent breaking the wound. And avoid exposure to open flames during the production process.

Safety assurance for paper rewinder: When allocate, a person specializes in operating a machine, workers should be certified, ensure working hours and avoid fatigue. The energy saving paper rewinder guarantee: 

1. Equipped with a stable power supply, the power supply can be stabilized to ensure the stable operation of the rewinder, which ensures that the rewinder will not jam, but also can reduce the number of switches.

2. Avoid switching the rewinder many times when operating the rewinder, so if it is not just used for a very short time, it is better not to turn off the rewinder power immediately.

3. Frequency converter is used in rewinder. Frequency converter is an electric power control device which converts power supply of power frequency into another frequency power control device by using on-off action of power semiconductor device. 

4. It can realize some protective functions, such as soft starting, frequency control, improving the accuracy of operation, changing power factor and the phenomenon of overcurrent, overvoltage, overload.
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