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How to Operate the High-speed Slitting Machine? How to Operate the High-speed Slitting Machine?

Here, as one of the professional slitting machine suppliers, we'll show you a little bit about how to operate a high-speed slitting machine.

1. According to the instructions, install the upper and lower knives firstly and make adjustments to machine firstly.

2. Check up the machine again before operation and make sure that there is no problems in any aspects, make sure every part is installed, every part is lubricated with oil, and no the screws are loosen and there is no litter in upper and lower knives.

3. If there is no problem, start to test machine. Let the whole machine run for a while, and see if there is any problem. If not, you can take the next step.

4. Loading. Lift the upper knife and then tie the cut strap to the scrolls.

5. Cut out all the incisions with the edge of the blade.

6. Take the knife and tighten the knife. Make sure the position of the knife is reasonable and correct.

7. Turn the switch and turn on the power.

8. Cut. Clean up the waste in time and keep clean and tidy.

9. If you want to turn off the machine, switch all the potentiometers to the minimum and then turn off the power switch.

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