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How will the domestic Slitter be developed? How will the domestic Slitter be developed?

The development directions of domestic slitter are mainly in the following three aspects:

1. frame structure: whether a cutting or cutting two or three times, domestic machine manufacturers should invest effort. People study the cutting machine in the frame structure and then design a more reasonable cutting machine, focusing on slitter manufacturers. People get rid of plagiarism and design a personalized slitting machine which makes it more meticulous in structure when cutting different materials. in the next round of the competition in the international market, the domestic slitter should have been able to provide favorable weapons for filmmaking enterprises. At the same time, domestic slitter enterprise can find its vast market.

2. Automatic control section: the current domestic slitter automation level is still in the lower level. Although domestic control devices have been used popularly and the price is low, in the depth of use, the domestic slitter manufacturers are far behind the developed countries, especially the lack of combination between the control system and machine structure, cutting material. In this sense, the domestic slicing machine most still remains in the thick line without deep rigor and rationality in slicing machine control section. Domestic slitting machine manufacturers should start from several aspects in above, and find ways to conform to the principle of slitting and use the function of the hardware at the largest extent.

3. Manufacturing: This is a common problem faced by China manufacturing industry: any mechanical equipment, in addition to the reasonable design, should meet precise requirements in manufacturing. While Chinese industry is lacking in this area. What's more, the manufacturing process is a weak link. As for cutting manufacturing equipment, in addition to some general machine tools, we should also have some special equipment for manufacturing slicing equipment, such as balancing machine, water cutting machine and so on. Because of the high demand of accuracy in manufacturing slicing equipment, some equipment needs to process parts with numerical control machine. It is necessary to popular the use of machining center. Only in this way can the machining accuracy of the equipment be fundamentally guaranteed.

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