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Ultrasonic Label Slitting Machine Ultrasonic Label Slitting Machine

As a kind of label slitting machine, ultrasonic label slitting machine uses the principle that ultrasonic vibration and friction produce heat energy instantaneously, so that the mold or cutter contacts the ultrasonic vibration surface under the pressure of cylinder, so as to achieve the cutting effect. Ultrasonic label slitting machine adopts PLC console, automatic feeding, eye tracking scanning, at the same time it uses sensors to track the position of the trademark cutting, and equipped with anti-static device, which can remove a large number of static electricity generated when cutting off.

Ultrasonic cutting is accomplished by high speed friction and cutter pressure. The cutter of ultrasonic strip cutter is usually a sharp angle below 60 degrees, so we must adjust the cutter's limit accurately during the debugging process. Cutter and ultrasonic steel die are not completely contacted. When pressing, it needs to be broken by ultrasonic vibration friction, otherwise the cutting tool of ultrasonic strip cutter will wear out quickly under the impact of high pressure, and will also affect the life of ultrasonic mold.

Features of ultrasonic label slitting machine:

1. It is counted by computer, and it has high accuracy and fast speed.

2. The adjustment of length is simple, quick and efficient.

3. The incision is complete and beautiful, trimming is neat, soft and not scattered.

4. It can automatically store the parameters set, such as truncation length and cutting number.
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